A grassroots triathlon in the South West

11th September 2022 — Wotton-under-Edge

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We're back! After a 3 year hiatus, it's time to get ready for the smallest and most supportive grassroots triathlon in the United Kingdom (correct at time of going to press). Ever fancied entering a triathlon, but don't want to worry about how your 15 year old folding shopper bike will look next to all the carbon show-off rockets? Ever fancied entering a triathlon, but don't want to worry about how fast you need to be in the pool? Ever fancied entering a triathlon, but only have that old pair of muddy tennis shoes under the stairs, and no fancy running gear? Well, worry no more, as the Wotton Triathlon is here to answer all your hopes and prayers. It's the perfect opportunity for novices (who are the most important entrants) and slightly more experienced athletes to participate side by side in an accessible, enjoyable multi-sport extravaganza. There is a medal for you if you finish. And the world's best home-made flapjack. And it does not cost you a penny to enter. All you have to do is raise money for Wotton Pool, by arranging sponsorship when you undertake the Wotton Triathlon (Don't worry, we'll help you with all that).

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Enjoy a glide in the lido

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Enjoy a spin in the country

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Enjoy a jog through the town

Entries for 2022 are open

Novices are not only welcomed, they're encouraged!

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